We have put in place the following safety plan to ensure the safety of our clients and workers:

Building Access

1. The front door is kept locked.  Only clients with an appointment will be allowed to enter the building.

2. Hand sanitizer is provided.  Upon entering the building, everyone is  required to sanitize their hands.

3. No one exhibiting COVID-like symptoms, which are listed and posted on the front door of the building, will be allowed to enter the building.

4. Safety measures in place for the building are posted on the front door.

Workplace Operations

1. Where possible, workers are encouraged to work from home.  

2. Where possible, meetings with clients will be conducted by telephone, email or through video conference.

3. Where possible, clients required to sign documents will be asked to do so at the front reception, where a plexiglass shield is installed.

4. Where an in-person meeting is required, no more than 3 people will be permitted in the main office.  Visitors will be asked to wear masks where physical distancing of at least 2m (6ft) cannot be maintained.

5. When meeting in the larger board room, visitors will be asked to wear masks where physical distancing of at least 2m (6ft) cannot be maintained.  

6. Workstations, meeting rooms and pens will be sanitized after each meeting.

Communal Spaces

1. A cohort of workers has been created within the building, consisting of no more than 8 people.

2. A limited number within the cohort will access any common areas at one time, such as the kitchen area.

3. Workers are encouraged to eat outside or at their desks.

4. Workers are required to bring their own food, dishes and utensils.

5. The photocopier is located in the main office and is only used by 2 people, who are within the same cohort.

Outside Visitors

1. No non-essential items, such as candy and magazines are not provided. 

2. No beverages will be offered.

3. There is no use of the restrooms.


1. Delivery zones are identified and limited to receivers and deliverers only.

2. Suppliers and/or delivery persons are instructed to leave packages at the front door.