Corporate Law involves the type of legal structure one chooses to operate his or her business. Corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships or joint ventures are all options through which you can operate a business. We work with you to understand the nature of your business, and specifically the risks inherent in the operation of your business, before we advise you on the best form your business should take. Once you have chosen the legal structure that will work best for you, we then proceed to:

  • Prepare the documents necessary to create the legal structure for your business.
  • Organize your business by preparing the documents needed to appoint directors and officers (if you choose a corporation) or partners (if you choose a partnership).
  • Prepare shareholder agreements, which is a document that outlines how the shareholders wish the business to be operated.
  • Explore different financing arrangements and prepare all necessary documentation required by the lender.
  • Look after the annual corporate maintenance of your business by acting as the company’s registered and records office.

If you have an existing business, we can work with you to reorganize it in order to achieve different objectives related to tax or succession planning.

We work very closely with our clients’ accountants or financial advisers to prepare a variety of dividend resolutions or, on a more complex basis, advise on various rollovers permitted under the Income Tax Act (Canada).