kim kelly

Kim has lived and practiced law in Penticton for over 16 years.  Her practice focuses on family law, estate planning and estates.  Kim is an accredited Family Law Mediator, Parenting Coordinator and Family Law Arbitrator. While her background is in family law litigation, Kim’s current practice also focuses on out of court settlements achieved through the collaborative process, mediation and negotiation.

Kim is on the Mediate BC, Family Roster (Separation & Divorce | Mediate BC Home | Effective Conflict Resolution), the Mediate BC, Child Protection Roster (Child Protection | Mediate BC Home | Effective Conflict Resolution), the Hear the Child Society Roster ( Home – BC Hear the Child Society) and the Child and Youth Legal Centre Roster (Child and Youth Legal Centre – The Society for Children and Youth of BC ( .  She understands the value of children’s voices when families are reorganizing and is sensitive to the impact of legal proceedings on children’s lives.

Kim is involved with a variety of organizations in the community, including running a Youth Legal Clinic at the Foundry Penticton, serving on the OneSky Community Resources Board of Directors, membership in the Penticton and District Bar Association and the Canadian Bar Association.  When she is not working, Kim enjoys spending time with her family at the ski hill and on the golf course.

Angela Svetlichny

Angela has been practicing family law for 15 years. She has 3 children and is always mindful of the impact of litigation on children and tailors her advice to clients to minimize the harm to the children. Angela is also mindful of the cost of litigation and how depleting family finances harms the parties and their children. Settling files is always a priority and mediation is always a preference for Angela unless circumstances make mediation unworkable.

Despite her enthusiasm for settling, Angela will rely on the independence, knowledge and intelligence of our judges to resolve disputes if it seems that the other party is not willing to settle or the facts are such that it is impossible, too complicated or too emotional for the parties to agree on the appropriate outcome. Angela is willing to provide “coaching services” or “limited retainer services” for litigants who find themselves appearing in court on their own behalf, including answering questions, providing advice, providing information about the caselaw, and reviewing or preparing documents or letters to or from the opposing party. You will find Angela very approachable and empathetic. Set up an initial consult today to ask Angela how she can be of assistance on your family law file.

Kathryn Robinson

Kathryn Robinson practices primarily in the area of family law. Kathryn graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with honors in 2005 and completed her law degree at Queen’s University in 2010. She was called to the Ontario bar in June 2011 after articling at a high-end litigation boutique in Toronto. Kathryn was called to the BC bar in November 2011 and practiced at a full-service Summerland law firm for over 4 years.

Kathryn joined Interior Law in 2017. Kathryn is passionate about advocating for her clients both in and out of court. While she regularly represents clients at contested court applications and trials, she often resolves legal disputes through negotiation or mediation. Kathryn’s compassionate nature gives her a unique ability to assist her clients as they navigate their difficult, and often emotionally charged, legal matters. Kathryn is an active member of the Penticton and District Bar Association, in which she previously held the positions of Vice President and Treasurer. In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys all that Penticton has to offer including the Saturday Farmer’s Market, fundraising events and festivals with her husband and their two children.

Hanan Campbell

Hanan Campbell has the benefit of over 20 years of legal experience, obtained through a combination of private practice, government practice and in-house practice.  She excels at turning complex legal principles into solutions that work for her clients.  From the kitchen table to the boardroom table, Hanan understands the importance of delivering legal advice in plain English that gets to the point. 

Hanan’s practice focuses on advising a variety of companies and individuals on business issues.  Her areas of practice include incorporating companies, corporate restructuring, private equity financing and other lending arrangements, mergers & acquisitions, employment, construction, private and municipal infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships (P3).

Called to the Alberta bar in 2000, and the British Columbia bar in 2018, Hanan has a wealth of significant experience advising a variety of clients on various business  matters.  Hanan has worked in private practice, government practice and as in-house counsel, where her role as Associate General Counsel required her to provide her client with both legal and business advice.

Hanan is committed to learning about her clients’ business operations and providing them with legal advice that is practical, solution-oriented and fits her clients’ business needs. 

Tamara J. More

Tamara J. More joined Interior Law in 2023. She practices civil litigation including employment, estate litigation and family law.

Her legal experience is diverse. Tamara has worked at small firms in rural communities and large firms in Vancouver. She has worked with both organizations and individuals, for and against insurance companies, for plaintiffs and for defendants. The common thread throughout her previous 15 years of legal experience has always been her commitment to representing her clients with determination, fairness, and integrity.

One of the most meaningful aspects of Tamara’s approach to law is her commitment to listening and learning about the people she represents. She is dedicated to thoughtfully guiding her clients through what is often the most difficult time in their lives, towards final resolution.

She is passionate about the law and the judicial system. Tamara is a tireless advocate and brings a relentless work ethic to her practice. She is very comfortable with all aspects of litigation, from the initial pleadings, through the discovery phase, and preparing for trial. 

Tamara has achieved countless out-of-court settlements through her exhaustive preparation, persistence, and practical approach to resolving conflict. While most cases settle, sometimes a reasonable settlement cannot be obtained, forcing the case to trial. Throughout this process, Tamara is a passionate, thoughtful, and energetic advocate who is dedicated to supporting her clients with empathy and compassion.

Professional Activities

Member, Law Society of British Columbia

Member, Canadian Bar Association

Member, Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia

Executive, Penticton District Bar Association

Former Executive, Kamloops Bar Association 


B.A., Criminology, Simon Fraser University (2001)

LL.B., University of Ottawa (2007)

Place and Year of Call

British Columbia (2008)


When not at work, Tamara enjoys travelling, long walks on the beach with her husband and little dog, Peanut, snowboarding, paddleboarding and running. She is committed to personal and professional growth and is working towards her mediation certification at the Justice Institute of BC.