If your business operations involve a person other than just you, chances are you will need advice at some point to make sure you do not inadvertently set up an unintended relationship between you and your worker(s). We understand and have advised many businesses on the difference between an employee and a contractor, why that distinction is so important and what happens when that distinction is unclear.

We work with both employers and employees to help them each understand their different legal obligations to one another. We prepare employment agreements and provide advice on the use of non-solicitation clauses and non-competition clauses. We help you understand termination clauses in an employment contract and explain the difference between a for cause termination and a not-for-cause termination, and the legal consequences that each presents.

We also provide advice on understanding the BC Human Rights Code and how it applies to you, regardless of whether you are an employer, employee, contractor or volunteer. We work with for profit and not-for-profit companies to review their governing documents and policies and make sure they reflect the current status of the law regarding discrimination and harassment.